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Best Places to Listen to Free Music Online

websites to listen free music online
Every day when you go to work, drive your car or when you jogging, you want to or already listen to music on your phone, radio, tablet… So far you usually made playlist and listened, but after some time songs on the playlist are becoming boring and don’t make you happy. Then you will need to go all over again to choose, buy, download new songs.

Alternative to this way is to listen music online. Why is better? It offer's you more freedom, you can use this sites to create playlist and easily to update or remove songs, to listen other people playlist or you can listen radios from 100 genres and sub-genres, and most of the sites offer you option to synchronize all of your tech: mobile, tablet, pc…

But on the internet are dozens of websites for free music streaming, and when there are many sites, some are good and some bad. We will try to go through best music sites and give you our review and rank.

Sites for listening music online are very different in their offer. Some are more focus on music genres other on singers or songs, also by type of streaming: music on demand, online radio stations – (Radio stations also varies by genres, singers on most of sites there are more than 10 sub genres to be able to find exact interest)

Some of the sites are restricted only for USA, and few other countries but don’t worry here is little completely free app and browser extension called hola, that will help you to bypass geo restrictions. Here is tutorial we made it for hulu but it also works for any other site

Top Sites to Stream Music and Radio Online:

Rdio.com - Rdio.com is basically music on demand service. Here you can stream music on many ways by song, artist, album, or playlist crated by others or you can create your own. Rdio.com is one of best sites with great personalization features, this will give you better experience. Also you can download apps for windows, android, apple, and you can listen from anywhere. Rdio is build to be more like a social platform for sharing and listening music, you can follow other users, artists, playlist. Disadvantage is you will need to wait for around 10 second ads from time to time.

spotify.com – Spotify by me is best music streaming site, have huge database of songs, artist, playlist, radio stations. Spotify also has apps for mobile and PC and I think theirs aps are one level better than all other streaming services apps. Spotify also have option to Discover new songs- (they give you suggestions of music which is trending worldwide, locally based on your interest). All of this is in a free account offer, you will have some ADS but they are very rare, almost not noticeable.

pandora.com – Pandora is really good if you are looking for music discovery site. Pandora is intelligent online radio that will play music based on your feedback. Eg. When you enter artist or song Pandora will start to suggest similar songs and artists and if you like or dislike Pandora will becoming better in his suggestions. Also you can buy tracks and albums via Pandora direct link to Amazon mp3 and iTunes. Excellent site for internet radio experience, just click play and enjoy.

grooveshark.com – Grooveshark is great site with very good design. Site looks similar to spotify and have similar options. Grooveshark is very easy to use site you can search by song, artist, album, and you can play albums and track immediately or if you like you can make your own playlists. You can also decide to broadcast your own radio channel. Grooveshark have great social options you can follow other users, listen theirs playlists or broadcast your own radio chanel. Another great thing here is they don’t have ads so you will fully enjoy when you listen music here.

Di.fm - is free internet radio service. They have more than 65 radio stations and are focused on electronic music, and all variations and subgenres. This site is free of cost and very easy for use and has fancy design. If you like electronic music and want to listen radio or randomly to discover great tracks, this is great place for you.

SoundCloud.com - is also another great music sharing site. Here you will not find every original song from most popular artists but, SoundCloud have great remix of them and also huge number of great tracks from some new artists. The site is completely free for listening online music, some track even are free for downloading. Like in other sites also here you can create playlists, like songs, follow artists, in few words great music social network.

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